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Susteon provides a experienced team for building real-world solutions to energy and process industry problems.


CO2 Capture


  • CO2 Capture from large point sources
  • CO2 Capture from industrial sources
  • Pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2
  • Flexible CO2 Capture with variable renewable energy penetration
  • CO2 Capture from distributed H2 production systems


  • Advanced solvents
  • Advanced adsorbents
  • Metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
  • Novel membranes
  • Hybrid systems
  • Structured adsorbents
  • Reactor design
  • Heat management
  • Process design and optimization
  • Process scale-up

CO2 Utilization


  • CO2 conversion into methanol, CO, acetic acid, formic acid, benzene, ethylene, methane, etc.
  • CO2 utilization into construction products
  • CO2 conversion into solid carbon


  • Understanding of CO2 activation
  • Catalysis (development, testing, and scale-up)
  • Reactor design
  • Redox materials
  • Plasma processes
  • Integration of renewable energy
  • Integration of hydrogen systems
  • Dry reforming
  • Process design and optimization

Hydrogen Production


  • Distributed hydrogen production (50 -1,000 kg/day)
  • H2 utilization to produce ammonia at modular scale
  • H2 utilization for methanol production at modular scale


  • Modular small-scale steam methane reformers
  • H2 production by methane pyrolysis
  • Electrically heated reformers
  • Plasma activation of methane
  • Shift reactors
  • Microchannel heat exchangers
  • Microchannel reactors
  • Novel pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) systems
  • Low-cost CO2 recovery systems
  • Process design and optimization
  • Heat integration
  • Process scale-up

Methane Conversion


  • Utilization of flared gas
  • Utilization of stranded gas
  • Distributed production of chemicals and fuels at modular scale
  • Conversion of methane for distributed H2 production
  • Biogas cleanup and conversion
  • Methane pyrolysis


  • Understanding of CH4 activation
  • Advanced catalysts for pyrolysis and reforming
  • Electrical heating for endothermic reactions
  • Plasma processes
  • Fluidized-bed reactor design
  • Transport reactor design
  • High-temperature separation of gas and particles
  • Separation of carbon during methane pyrolysis
  • Production of carbon nanotubes and other valuable carbon products
  • Process design and integration

Process scale-up



  • Gasification of coal, biomass, petroleum coke, and other carbonaceous fuels to syngas
  • Production of methanol from syngas
  • Production of ammonia from syngas
  • Production of H2 and other products from syngas
  • CO2 Recovery from gasification systems


  • Deep understanding of various commercial gasifiers and their application space
  • Syngas cleanup and conditioning
    • Integration of water gas shift
    • Integration of Rectisol
    • Advanced syngas cleanup technologies
  • Desulfurization of syngas and refinery process streams
  • Modular scale oxygen production systems
  • Modular systems based on gasification
  • Poly-generation
  • Syngas conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • Syngas cleanup and conditioning for production of power, liquid fuels, chemicals fertilizers, and other products

Process design and optimization

Waste-to-Energy Conversion

  • Gasification and pyrolysis of waste streams
  • Syngas cleanup and conditioning to produce power, fuels, and chemicals
  • Utilization of low-grade waste heat to produce power (Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Process design and optimization

Techno-economic Analysis (TEA)

  • Conceptual process design
  • Process modeling via ASPEN/HySYS
  • Equipment sizing
  • Balance of plant design
  • Capital cost estimation
  • Operating cost estimation
  • Risk analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis (tornado charts)

Technology Commercialization

  • Project financeable TEAs
  • Rigorous Technology-to-Market (T2M) analysis
  • Intellectual Property (IP) strategy
  • Business models (licensing, spinouts)
  • Project financing analysis (for investments, grants, etc.)
  • Industry partnerships
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies support
  • Demo plant design, construction, and operation support
  • Strong network with industry

Strong expertise in a variety of sectors

Experienced research and industrial sector know-how for scale-up of technologies in a number of industries.