Energy solutions for a NET Zero world

We are an experienced team energized by the potential for innovation to help build a cleaner, more secure and affordable energy future. With a core focus on hydrogen, CO2 and other low carbon technologies, we aim to accelerate practical solutions designed to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We fast-track net zero technologies on their journey to market through collaboration and by analyzing market potential and we are experienced in:

  • Identifying game changing innovations
  • Partnering with leading innovators
  • Providing technology leadership to build and execute joint projects
  • Managing IP and mitigating technology risks
  • Raising public and private investment to deploy solutions
  • Engaging with leading industry partners

We solve real-world industrial problems, working across a breadth of platforms and sectors to find the best ideas in the low carbon technology domain.

With a focus on early phase innovations (TRL3 or TRL4), our aim is to enable technology entrepreneurs navigate through various stages of technology development by crossing the so-called “Valley of Death.”

We are both scientists and project practitioners with a unique technology accelerator model that combines industry-proven engineering expertise and decades of technology commercialization experience. We help potential entrepreneurs connect the dots on their technology journey from thinking it to making it.