Susteon Business Process

Partner & Invest earlier to allow for technologies to get to the market faster



of Applied Research in Energy Transition Experience



Technology Commercialization Experience of



of Energy Technologies Investment Experience

USD Millions


Capital deployed under team’s leadership in energy research (in USD Millions)

Research & Development Partnership

Business Model of R&D assistance and partnership

Susteon has extensive experience with over 100 years of experience amongst its scientist to assist and partner with technology development. Susteon selectively partners with technologies with high potential to impact climate change and successful commercialization. Susteon team has been instrumental in mobilizing over $500 M in research grants over the last 35 years..

Commercialization Partnership

Susteon Support commercialization

Susteon’s team has successfully brought 3 technology platforms and multiple innovations to the market over the last 20 years. Susteon has extensive industry relationships and networks to enable technology commercialization in CO2, syngas, H2, Waste to energy domains.

Funding Partner

Susteon Funding partnership

Susteon provides funding partnership to technologies with high climate impact potential and prefers to minimize its commercialization risk. Susteon can help technology owners to fund grant funding (>$500M experience of fund raising) or equity funding (>$100M in past investment experience).