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We partnered with Susteon to apply our catalysts for a compact methane reformer system based on their deep subject matter knowledge – specifically production of blue hydrogen at distributed scale. We are excited about our progress to date, which would not have been possible without Susteon.

Christian Librera
VP and Head of Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives, Clariant

Taking academic discoveries to market deployment is where Susteon really shines.  I have worked with Susteon on a number of technology development projects for production of clean hydrogen and CO2 capture and utilization.  Most notable is scale-up of a novel low-temperature plasma system for blue H2 production to a prototype scale ready for commercialization. The Susteon team brings unique technology and market expertise with its extensive network with academia, industry, and the U.S. Department of Energy.  Susteon has provided a huge value-addition to several important new low-carbon technology projects.

Ron Kent
Technology Development Manager, SoCalGas

Susteon is my go-to partner for projects that require transitioning early-stage energy technology to commercial-scale pilots. As a former Program Director at the U.S. Department of Energy, I had the opportunity to work with all types of technology developers—from some of the nation’s largest corporations to single-professor-led university teams—but, when it comes to transitioning technology from the lab to the field, Susteon is in a league of its own. When it comes down to it, Susteon is one of my must-have partners for any government R&D project.

Dane A. Boysen, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Modular Chemical

We have been working with Susteon since 2019 on two exciting projects in hydrogen and carbon fiber production. Susteon has demonstrated a breadth of competencies in thermochemical systems design and analysis. The team has deep experience in piloting industrial-scale equipment that can be brought to bear on early-stage technologies. I am also really impressed with the technical creativity and out-of-the box thinking to solve difficult problems. For process design and scale-up, Susteon is our “go-to” partner.

Jessy Rivest
VP, Head of Cleantech, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Susteon brings a very high level of experience and knowledge in the chemical engineering field. The team knows how to manage and execute on a research projects well. Susteon has a very specific expertise in carbon capture where we have a strong R&D interest. Susteon relationship is very valuable to us as there is no other partner of such caliber and understanding of the technology landscape who can help with our needs in R&D and partnership with universities. Our long term goal is to continue to work with Susteon, not only within United States but also internationally.

Ermanno Filippi
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Casale Group

Technology Portfolio

The Susteon team has a strong track record of identifying R&D breakthroughs in academia and supporting their development to market-ready technologies. Our project portfolio demonstrates how we remain true to our mission to develop and deploy net zero innovations for sustainable hydrogen production and carbon mitigation.

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We develop and deploy low-carbon solutions for solving real-world problems using our deep technology and business expertise in hydrogen and carbon dioxide domains. With our strong network and experience with academia, industry, government, and investment communities, we facilitate public-private partnerships to translate promising scientific discoveries into commercially deployable technologies.

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