A meeting of minds

Climate change is changing the environment we all live in. Devastating wildfires, massive floods, relentless hurricanes, and excessive heat are becoming commonplace.
No matter where we are located, we feel the effects. Susteon was founded to work on this problem.

Susteon’s story begins in New Delhi on one of its infamous smoggy days in 2017. Raghubir and Shantanu, initially connected through a mutual colleague, met for lunch at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Delhi (India) to discuss a technology; however the conversation soon veered towards Delhi’s ever-growing pollution problem. Their meeting sparked ideas and excitement and ended up lasting for hours as they continued the discussion until late dinner in Delhi’s famous Connaught Place. It turned out they both were very passionate to develop solutions to help humankind breathe clean air, avoid catastrophic effects of climate change, and use market mechanisms to promote sustainability.

Raghubir’s 30+ years of hands-on technology development experience combined with Shantanu’s 20 years in startup, private equity, and investment world seemed like the perfect fit. Three months later, after many late night and weekend conversations, Raghubir and Shantanu launched Susteon (stemming from Sustainability for Aeons) in January 2018 to develop and deploy low-carbon energy technologies focusing on carbon management and production of carbon-free hydrogen.

The founders’ motivation has not wavered. Thanks to their credibility in the low carbon arena, deep technical knowledge and genuine concern for the earth’s condition and passion to fix it, they have been able to build a powerful team of technology, finance, and marketing experts to help them deliver on their vision of accelerating the world’s journey towards NET Zero.