Susteon Inc.


Enabling Energy Transition Technologies!


Our Mission

Susteon is a technology development and commercialization entity.

Susteon plays the role of an intermediary between fundamental research organizations and industries to bring new technologies faster to the market place.

Susteon brings together a strong group of technologists with expertise in development and deployment of new technologies that solve industrial and societal problems.

Technology Partnerships

Technology development and application engineering power house with industry leading expertise in energy and process industries

IP Development

Intellectual Property development for solutions to real world problems. Extensive expertise in inventing and licensing of technology.

Application Research

Taking fundamental science to practical applications. Significant experience and capabilities to application development based on new fundamental innovations.


Strong background in commercialization of technologies specially in energy and process industries. Industry hand-holding and actual scale-up knowledge for new technologies.

Our Technology Expertise

Syngas Technologies
  • Syngas conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • Syngas cleanup and conditioning for production of power, liquid fuels, chemicals fertilizers, and other products
  • Gasification of coal, biomass, petroleum coke, and other carbonaceous fuels to syngas (Radically designed modular systems using small gasifiers)
  • Desulfurization of syngas and refinery process streams
CO2 Technologies
  • CO2 capture (pre-combustion/post-combustion/direct air capture)
  • CO2 removal from process streams
  • CO2 utilization to produce fuels, chemicals, construction materials, and other value-added products
Hydrogen Technologies
  • Hydrogen production and storage
  • Methane pyrolysis
Methane Conversion Technologies
  • Methane conversion in modular systems (flared gas, associated gas, stranded gas, etc.)
  • Methane pyrolysis to produce hydrogen and carbon products
Catalysts and Adsorbents
  • Heterogeneous catalysis (metal oxides, carbons, zeolites, MOFs, etc.) – development and scale-up
  • Adsorbents for gas separation – development and scale-up
  • Advanced solvents for CO2 separation – development and scale-up
Reactor and Process designs
  • Design of fixed-bed reactor systems
  • Design of fluidized and transport-bed reactor systems
  • Conceptual process design and optimization
  • Intensified process designs
  • Waste heat recovery
Separations Technologies
  • Membranes for gas and liquid separations
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Small-scale oxygen production
Bench & Pilot scale testing
  • Process engineering for bench, pilot, and demonstration plants
  • Operation of lab, bench, pilot, and demonstration plants
Technology Commercialization
  • Techno-economic assessments
  • Technology-to-market business planning
  • IP development and monetization
  • Technology commercialization