Senior Process engineer


MS or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with a minimum 3 years of experience. Candidates with only BS degree who have 10 years of industrial experience will also be considered.


Susteon is a technology startup in the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh-Durham area), North Carolina, which is developing and deploying breakthrough technologies that can impact climate change. These technologies include CO2capture and utilization, H2production, syngas production, conditioning and utilization, renewable energy integration, modular process systems, and sulfur management.   Susteon has partnered with a number of national labs and universities to lead R&D in these domains to tackle the climate change imperative.


Selected candidate will get the opportunity to work directly with the company founders. Raghubir Gupta has more than 30 years of technology development experience and was leading the Energy Technology R&D at RTI until recently. Shantanu Agarwal is a venture capital/ private equity professional with extensive experience in investing in energy startups and commercializing new technologies. 

Desired Technical Skills:

  • Good understanding of chemical process design and optimization
  • Proficiency and experience in using the ASPEN package
  • Strong technical background in separations with good understanding of adsorption, cryogenic distillation, absorption, and other separation processes
  • Good understanding of cost estimation for chemical plants and processes and techno-economic analysis
  • Strong aptitude for chemical process R&D
  • Good understanding of catalysis and reaction engineering
  • Hands-on experience with lab, bench, and pilot-scale equipment

Desired Soft Skills:

  • Strong aptitude for learning new skills
  • Project management with multiple stakeholders and partners
  • Strong technical/business writing skills
  • Ability to effectively work with clients
  • Strong safety focus
  • Creative problem solving and lateral thinking ability
  • Ability to work in a team environment with a “can-do” attitude
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualize new ideas and perform feasibility analyses
  • Conduct techno-economic analyses
  • Support development of process designs for new technologies.
  • Support preparation of research proposals
  • Support preparation of invention disclosures and patent applications
  • Support laboratory testing for the ongoing projects