From thinking it to making it

With the Susteon Team’s experience of successfully completing more than 100 projects for Department of Energy and industry and raising more than $500 million of funding, we can efficiently execute complex technology projects, including pilot- and demonstration-scale plant design, engineering, construction and testing.

Our Focus

Hydrogen Production

Blue or green, we believe hydrogen has a critical role to play in helping to deliver the clean energy transition. Our focus is on advancing technology solutions designed to enable commercially viable distributed generation for small-scale hydrogen production.

CO2 Capture and Utilization

On our mission to tackle climate change, we are exploring how to capture CO2 from point sources and directly from air. We are also investigating new ways to reduce hydrocarbon reliance through carbon utilization, advancing innovations designed to enable the economically-viable conversion of carbon dioxide into useful products.

Innovation holds the key to tackling climate change. We have made it our mission to develop and deploy net zero innovations for sustainable hydrogen production and carbon mitigation.

Bringing together over 100 years of experience in technology development and commercialization in the energy and chemical sectors, our leading team of scientists, project practitioners and financial experts are bridging the gap between academia and industry to create a sustainable future.

We Connect

Connecting the dots in taking scientific innovations from the laboratory discoveries to successful technologies requires deep understanding of engineering, scaleup, manufacturing, and financial risk management.

Susteon specializes in evaluation of disruptive ideas for their commercial feasibility before helping to accelerate the commercialization process. In collaboration with our extensive network of global industry and domain experts, we know how to fail fast to pivot and scale disruptive technologies.

Susteon has active collaborations with over 15 leading universities and research labs across North America and Europe and also works in partnership with established and emerging industry players in low carbon technology domain.

We Create

Creating a new commercial technology starts with an idea but needs continuous, candid and creative nurturing through multiple development steps via rigorous stage gate reviews to make it through the valley of death.

Susteon’s team of scientists, engineers, financial professionals, and project practitioners partner and actively collaborate with innovators on the journey from R&D to commercialization. Our extensive experience and expertise working with a wide variety of technologies allow for out-of-the-box solutions and creative pivots to solve difficult problems.

The Susteon team has led the development of over 15 technologies in low-carbon technology domain and has expertise in evaluating and raising venture capital money (over $150 million invested/raised capital), as well as in developing pilot plants and demonstration projects (>$200 million) through public-private partnerships.

We Commercialize

Commercializing early-stage Net Zero technologies require deep knowledge and the ability to win government grants and private industry capital, while navigating the technical and market risks. These risks need to be carefully addressed through subsequent stage gate process to fail fast.

The Susteon has a demonstrated track record of building strong teams with required skills and expertise as well as ability to execute the projects of winning government proposals and form industry partnerships for raising capital.

Opportunity identification

There is no shortage of innovative ideas; however there is a lack of understanding of how to connect those ideas with real-world needs. Through our extensive global network, we stay abreast of current and emerging market needs, which helps us to connect disruptive innovations to real market needs.


Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we mature their ideas and identify the best route to market and develop a roadmap for technology commercialization.

Research & Development

Susteon team gets deeply engaged at the R&D stage to address critical issues which could be showstoppers early on. These issues may involve scalability or manufacturability, process control, capital and operating costs, process reliability, safety and robustness.

Pilot testing with industry partners

We have a very strong industry network to facilitate early market entry. We do not believe investing capital to build new facilities, but use and adapt existing facilities to obtain required engineering data for technology readiness.

Capitalization / Investment

Susteon team has experience in raising public and private capital for scaling up promising technologies.


With the necessary financial backing, we can help transform the technology solutions into commercial businesses – whether that be by scaling the initial start-up, through entering into licensing arrangements or via creation of  spin-off companies.

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